The Art of Time is a series of projects created by Kerry Langsdale. The aim of this series is to explore what we can learn about the philosophy of time when we look at the subject through creative mediums and practices.


For over two thousand years philosophers have been trying to understand the nature of time. Many of them have appealed to the 'folk' concept of time (the pre-theoretical understanding of time held by non-philosophers) to motivate their theories. However, little work has been done to understand what the folk concept of time is. This series, in part, aims to gain a greater understanding of these every day, folk concepts of what it would be for the world to involve time. Further, exploring time through creative practices may also allow philosophers to expand and push the limits of how they think about the philosophy of time.

The intention is for The Art of Time series to be mutually beneficial for both philosophy and art. Langsdale supports artists to explore themes of time and temporality in their own practice. This process is tailored to the artists, and has included delving into time as an underpinning context of their work, and experimenting with time based media and materials.

Each collaboration is unique and is designed differently depending upon the format and the practice of the artist, or artists. Occasionally Langsdale designs a project independently and brings in participants, such as with the workshops in the project, 'Making Time' (in progress). For other collaborations, Langsdale takes her lead from the artist themselves, such as with the as-yet-untitled collaborative project with contemporary fine artist Daniel Rapley (in progress).