Welcome to The Art of Time Project.

This experimental project series aims to explore the philosophy of time through the lens of contemporary fine art.

This long-term project series involves interdisciplinary

collaborations with artists and creatives, workshops, and public engagement events.

Langsdale’s practice lies at the intersection of philosophy and contemporary art. Her journey began with a fusion of philosophical inquiry and creative expression, culminating in a series of artworks and projects that invite viewers to contemplate the nature of time. Grounded in rigorous academic research gained during her PhD on the philosophy of time, Langsdale's interdisciplinary artistic projects serve as accessible portals to complex temporal ideas.

Dedicated to community engagement, Langsdale has organised and delivered numerous public events and educational initiatives, fostering dialogue and enriching understanding of philosophy through art. Her collaborative and solo projects alike explore diverse perspectives on time, transcending traditional boundaries and inviting audiences to ponder its significance.

Beyond academia, Langsdale is committed to democratising philosophical discourse and creating inclusive educational opportunities for artists and enthusiasts. By bridging theory and lived experience, she strives to make philosophical inquiry relevant and accessible to all.